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Audience Gathering


By leveraging both public and private networks, Wizpor's® customized dashboard allows you to identify drivers of public reactions and conversations. Additionally, you will discover your key influencers, create a following, plan and schedule all of your traditional social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.



Our unique network and social media services engage your target audiences via all multimedia platforms. The Engagement Process seeds & cross pollinates {reposts} information into forums and discussion groups and uses proprietary and traditional social networks to seed discussions with private and group chat features. Furthermore, you will be able to use any real time digital tools and networks to communicate ideas and concepts.



Wizpor® identifies trends and patterns from social networking data, then monitors and tracks all relevant information on your customized dashboard. You can visualize and monitor all social media mentions about your issues. Additionally, Wizpor® provides all the necessary information in a single screen shot for your presentation and communication strategies. You can benchmark your messages’ effectiveness against others, mine data in real time and find long term trends on the issues.



Analyze content and sentiment in real time with our proprietary tool, Discovery Reaction™. You can identify the platforms providing the best communication strategies and compare communication and presentations across multiple dimensions. You can also identify and analyze trends and communication of various social media accounts, public response and trending stories. Wizpor's® customized analytical dashboard, Discovery Reaction™ will arm you with graphs, data, and decision movements for optimal presentation strategies.

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