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Why Wizpor?

Real-Time Interactive Dynamic
Persuasive Cost-effective

Our social intelligence platform utilizes our proprietary Persuasion Research Technology to design a winning strategy based on the discovery of influential emotional, intellectual and fact based triggers.

Our Platform invites a dynamic interaction between the audience and the moderators that allows for in the moment testing, analysis and implementation of varied ideas and strategies.

Wizpor® discovers the "game changing" moments where the messaging of opinions are molded. Interacting with participants on multiple levels help distinguish between the impact of Influencers and the thoughts and insecurities of the silent majority.

We utilize a computerized social media platform across simultaneous groups, drawing data on the trending opinions from multiple profiles with varied questions, themes, and analogies to find the argument to which there is no counterargument.

Old market research methodology is limiting, expensive, static and focused on after the fact scientific analysis. Wizpor® reveals real-time analysis of thoughts and sentiments based on scientific analysis of qualitative data.

How Does It Work?

1. Gather

Wizpor® data mines all print, digital and social media channels. Participants are carefully engaged to encourage comments, discussion, opinion, belief or emotion, then the data is measured using our proprietary Persuasion Research Technology.

2. Interact

Once sufficient data is mined, Wizpor® joins the conversation by engaging individuals and groups in various forms of real-time interaction to discover the game changing moments and scientific criteria for the messaging of agreement and persuasion.

3. Analyze

Finally, through scientific methods, Wizpor® compiles and deciphers data collected from conversations based on judgments, observations, questions, and emotions. Wizpor® then uses the extracted information to develop an unbeatable strategy.

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Test Trial Strategies Measure Jury Reactions Adapt and Retool Retest and Perfect Find The Unbeatable Argument



Test Campaign Strategies Measure Voter Reactions Adapt and Retool Retest and Perfect Capture Voter Confidence
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Wizpor® uses a revolutionary Persuasion Research Technology™ that transforms massive and complex data into simple and uncomplicated analysis. Whether data is gleaned from social media mining or online research platforms, Wizpor® interprets and analyzes your data and produces successful communication strategies.

Persuasion Research Technology

Wizpor® seamlessly integrates the thoughts and insights gathered from your social media and online research platforms, and provides users with an easily digested and understood persuasion strategy . Put more simply, Wizpor® takes "information overload" and transforms it into a workable solution.

Persuasion Technology

Wizpor® maximizes the value of your data by relating the anonymous insights gathered by your social media channels to your verbal and visual persuasion needs. Wizpor's Persuasion Technology is currently the only valid system that seamlessly combines social science research with advanced data analytics. Wizpor's Persuasion Technology provides pragmatic and valid persuasive messages for politicians, litigators, educators and business executives.

Motivate and engage your target audiences by leveraging Wizpor's Persuasion Technology for your unique communication needs. Enjoy the benefits of traditional research at a fraction of the cost. Start Wizporing today.