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Monthly Archives // November 2013

Do it yourself trial technology and trial consulting

November 12, 2013 // Law // No Comments

By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger Long are the days we trusted professional football referees to make calls on plays. These days we look at replays before we trust a referee’s eyes. Technology has taken over everything from football […]

How do you feel about the approach of discussing your weaknesses, concerns about the case, in voir dire?

November 7, 2013 // Ask Amy, Law // No Comments

I always recommend asking about the problem areas of the case in voir dire.

Leveraging social media for trial strategies

November 5, 2013 // Law, Social Media // No Comments

By Amy Singer, Ph.D., Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet In last week’s article (Using social networking during voir dire, October 22, 2013), we described how people’s social network information is useful in jury de-selection. Online social networking sites are now […]