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What is the effective way to build audience or followers to your Social Network Opinion Website (SNOW)?

January 29, 2013 // Social Media // No Comments

By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger   Nowadays everyone has a social media presence.  Individuals, small businesses, large corporations…chances are, even one of your grandparents is on Facebook by now.  So how do you build a large, engaged audience […]

Wizpor®: The Benefits of Having an Anonymous Live Simulcast Audience

January 8, 2013 // Business, Law, Politics // No Comments

  By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger   Today’s business environment is more complex and competitive than it has ever been. Most businesses, attorneys and politicians have already discovered the need and benefits of immersing themselves in social media.  […]

How Social Media Influences Consumer Behavior

October 3, 2012 // Business, News and Views // No Comments

Make no mistake. We’re in a new era. Thanks to social media, the consumer-company relationship has been totally turned on its head. In this new era, companies can no longer get by simply by shouting one-way messages at customers. And […]